The Independent Marine Ports Association of Atlantic Canada organization otherwise known as (IMPAC) was established in 2005 to increase awareness of the opportunities and integral connection of independent ports to the transportation effort and the economy of the Atlantic region.

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The region’s independent marine ports play an integral to the economic health of their host communities as well as to the Atlantic Provinces’ broader economic fabric.

Marine shipping more than any other form of transportation provides linkages to overseas markets for a vast array of goods we depend on every day. It represents the least cost and lowest environmental impact mode of shipping, especially for many importers and exporters of large items and bulk volumes of goods.

The communities, businesses, and port operations are closely intertwined, and the ports continue to be a cornerstone of local and regional economic development.

The Independent Marine Ports Association of Atlantic Canada (IMPAC) is made up of diverse representation of divested ports located throughout the region. The ports are diverse in terms of timing of divesture, lines of business, capital infrastructure requirements and capital availability, and the communities in which they are located. What they have in common is the positive economic impact the ports have on Atlantic Canada, with their established infrastructure and their ‘open for business’ attitudes, and their role in providing a more environmentally friendly transportation system.

Today the IMPAC Association is made up of 14 Atlantic Canadian ports including four from Newfoundland and Labrador, five from Nova Scotia, three from Prince Edward Island and two from New Brunswick. These ports along with our Associate Members strive to bring greater economic independence to the greater Atlantic area.

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Adam Langley, Executive Director


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