Port of Bayside

Bayside, New Brunswick

Bayside Port Corporation
108 Champlain Drive
Bayside, NB E5B 2Y2

Phone: 506-529-3503
E-mail: info@portofbayside.com
Website: portofbayside.com

Located along the south shore of New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy at the mouth of the St Croix River on the Canada – US border, Bayside port connects by road directly to the U.S., and New Brunswick’s major centres. Frozen food storage for up to 7,000 metric tonnes, and 3,600 square metres of dry storage area facilitate shipment of fish, agricultural, wood and paper products through the port. Local private interests formed the Bayside Port Corporation and purchased the port in 1999 and began operating as a private corporation. The Port of Bayside is in an ice-free zone and offers a number of facilities including:

  • Up to three berths are available on the single wharf.
  • Overall outside berth length is 242 m long with a depth of 9.6 meters at low tide.
  • A multi conveyor/hopper system is used for loading the aggregate vessels.
  • A frozen food storage facility is located just off the wharf. Kloosterboer Bayside offers frozen storage capacity in excess of 7000 metric ton and can alternatively offer limited space for higher temperature storage.
  • A dry storage warehouse is also located just off the wharf. The Fundy Stevedoring facility offers over 3600 m2 of covered storage and is used primarily for paper products, fish feed and potatoes.
  • Fresh water
  • Security services as required
  • Port Operations personnel on site
  • Supplies

Available by arrangement with ship’s agent:

  • Burner and diesel fuel, gas and lubricants
  • International garbage disposal
  • Gray/black water sludge removal