Now Hiring! IMPAC is seeking applications for a new Executive Director
December 13, 2022

Executive Director

Independent Marine Ports Association of Atlantic Canada Inc.

Since its inception in 2005, the Independent Marine Ports Association of Atlantic Canada (IMPAC) has focused on collaboration and best practises to make sure its member ports remain safe and viable, compliant with regulatory requirements, and meet the social and economic marine transportation needs of their communities. The association’s mission is to facilitate networking, exchange of information and representation for member ports and associate members. The Independent Marine Ports Association of Atlantic Canada wishes to hire an Executive Director to build greater awareness of the collective marine transportation advantages offered by member ports and their role in regional, national, and international trade. The Executive Director will be responsible to raise the profile of the association by clearly communicating both internally and externally, the importance of member ports working in collaboration with each other and partners, both private and public, to grow community success and contribute to the Atlantic Canada economy.



Represent Industry

• The Executive Director will develop rapport and liase with key government policy-setting contacts, prepare and make presentations to government and encourage resolution of key industry issues. The Executive Director will also represent Atlantic Canada independent ports on other industry and business groups as requested by the Board.

Identify and Manage Industry Issues and Opportunities

• Be aware and monitor developing industry and/or sector issues and report to the Board as appropriate to inform an IMPAC position.
• Present to the Board on new or emerging opportunities in order to inform IMPAC on position development.

Develop and maintain a positive public image for Independent Marine Ports

• Develop and maintain rapport with key media contacts, promote Atlantic Canada’s independent ports through media engagement and press releases, arrange public speaking opportunities, attend trade shows and explore specific public relations program opportunities, and represent IMPAC to advocacy and other special interest groups.

Operation of Independent Marine Ports of Atlantic Canada

• Develop a strategy for the Association and corresponding annual business plan tactics to meet the goals for approval by the Board and members.
• Develop and annual operating budget for approval by the Board and manage spending throughout the year to conform with budgeted levels; provide quarterly statements to Board.
• Prepare Financial Statements, ensure compliance with provincial and federal reporting requirements and work with the external accountants annually. Executive Director reports the financial position and operating results as part of the Board and/or IMPAC
member meetings.
• Execute financial transactions on the behalf of IMPAC.
• Organize and manage IMPAC events such as conferences, training seminars, annual meetings etc.
• Develop and implement an annual communications plan including updated member contact information, social media, updated port information, and user-friendly up to date website (including use of Google analytics) to promote the activities and importance of IMPAC.
• Review and update bylaws and Board policies in conjunction with the Board Executive Committee.
• With the support of the IMPAC board and members, secure operating funds through membership fees, through access to any relevant government funding program, and through the development of sponsorships and other revenue enhancing programs.
• Explore and expand on membership growth opportunities.
• Arrange quarterly meetings of the Board and membership that enable the sharing of information and networking among all ports and bring in guest speakers to discuss relevant topics.
• Provide opportunities for member ports to present an overview of their operations to the membership during in-person and virtual meetings.
• Provide port-specific support when requested by member ports to help port-led activity to raise awareness of marine ports within local communities and municipalities.
• Research port infrastructure funding availability, identify gaps, and advocate on behalf of eligibility issues in conjunction with the IMPAC Board.
• Prepare meeting schedule with Board Executive including minutes and guest speakers.

• Demonstrated and proven leadership abilities, tact, and diplomacy.
• Background in Atlantic Canada’s Marine Industry, and knowledge of the Canadian and international port/marine industry.
• Degree from an accredited Post-Secondary Educational Institution or an acceptable combination of education and work experience.
• Strong communication skills, sound organizational, evaluation and implementation skills.
• Demonstrated ability to source and secure public funding to assist in the delivery of annual IMPAC strategic objectives.

Working Conditions

• Home-Based Office
• Some travel required within the Atlantic Provinces
• Required to meet specific deadlines
• Willingness and ability to work under the direction of a geographically – dispersed Board of Directors

The incumbent is expected to spend 20-25 hours per week attending to the business fulfilling the above duties at a contracted rate of $30,000 annually.

Please submit your resume by December 23rd to:
Mike Cochrane
Port of Charlottetown
P.O. Box 1117
Charlottetown, P.E.I.
C1A 7M8


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