Shelburne Marine Terminal

Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Port Features + Services

  • The Shelburne Marine Terminal is located within the Shelburne Harbour in South-Western Nova Scotia. Shelburne Harbour is approximately 200 Kilometers southwest of Halifax via Highway 103.
  • Shelburne Harbour (Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Chart #4209) is known as the third best natural harbour in the world; the channel is 800 meters wide with a minimum depth of 9 meters through its narrows. The Harbour has safe anchorages for vessels in 13 meters of water. The port is ice-free and a pilot is not required to enter the harbour.
  • The Shelburne Marine Terminal (office located at 95 Water Street, Shelburne) provides wharf and cargo handling facilities for a number of vessels carrying diverse cargoes such as containers, bulk commodities and fish products. In addition to the handling of a number of vessels, the Port of Shelburne also leases adjacent lands to marine sector businesses (such as Clearwater Seafoods).
  • The stem section of the terminal is approximately 130 meters long and 15 meters wide.
  • The T section is approximately 163 meters in length and 20 meters wide; the depth (surveyed in 2008 by CHS) is 9.5m > 10.5 m.
  • The T shape of the terminal also creates two inner basins: a deeper basin on the west (currently leased to Clearwater) and a shallower basin on the east, primarily used by independent fishers and pleasure craft.

The facility is available on a first-come, first-served basis. However, a reasonable effort will be made to provide requested space to vessels which contact the Port Manager to reserve space for guaranteed arrival time. Vessels must comply with instructions from the Port Manager regarding location and available berthing time.

All daily charges are “per day or any part thereof” and calculated from midnight to midnight. Berthage and shore power fees will be charged according to the schedule set down by the Shelburne Port Authority. All charges are in Canadian dollars and are subject to 15% Harmonized Sale Tax. The Port of Shelburne offers a wide range of marine services including the following:



Available from McNally Construction Ltd. of Halifax (Dartmouth) NS which are often stationed in Yarmouth

Head Office: 902-425-5356


At the Shelburne Marine Terminal, water is available from May to Mid-November. The water comes from the Shelburne Water Dept. which is biologically and chemically safe.



stevedoring, refrigeration and dry storage


ships chandlery (grocery order delivered dockside)


bunkering by tanker truck


diesel fuel